Program AMARE-MED 2020

AMAREMED 2020 has been postponed to 2021, date to be decided.

Modeling in Ecospace using EwE by K. de Mutsert

Day 1
[0] Overview and introduction - explore student needs
Lecture A
[1] Introduction to EwE
Lecture B: Introduction to Ecospace
Download EwE release version
[2] Exercise: Creating an Ecospace model
Lecture C: Model uncertainties and validation

Day 2
Lecture D
Introduction to the Spatial-Temporal Framework
Download time-limited EwE Pro veersion
[3] Exercise: Climate change in a coastal bay
Lecture E: Ecospace case study using environmental drivers
[4] Exercise: Evaluating a Marine Protected Area for shrimp
Lecture F: Ecospace case study MPA effects.

Spatial population dynamics modeling by A. Punt

Day 3
[0] Overview
Lecture A
[1] Basic mathematical modelling
Lecture B: Single-species modelling (age-structured models and production models)
[2] Model fitting
Lecture C: R and optim.
Assignment 1: Fitting a growth curve spatially and testing for differences
[3] Implicit vs explicit (fleets as area), how to model movement (boxes; spatially-explicit)
models; VAST SeaPopDym; movement using distribution models

Lecture D: Including space in assessment models

Day 4
Lecture E: Modelling movement in spatial models
Advection, diffusion, environmentally-driven; using tagging data for movement
Assignment 2: Fitting a fully spatial model (uses tagging data); most of the model given. Use
MLE to estimate parameters.
[4] Multi-species spatial models (focus on technical interactions; but talk about multispecies
spatial models; GADGET, VAST, SeaPopDym)

Lecture F: Multi-species spatial model models
Assignment 3: Extending the spatial model to two species (including bycatch of each species
by area)

Day 5
[5] Spatial consideration in model-based advice including fleet movement driven by
economic factors

Lecture G: Management based on spatial models (MSE and Projection)
Assignment 4: Projections for the spatial model
Lecture H: Multispecies control rules, projections and outputs
Assignment 5: Multispecies spatial trade-off analysis

Day 6
Conclusions and discussion on day trip on a boat/sailing vessel [all costs included, no expenses by participants].
Details to be decided. Possibilities: visit islands Brač and Hvar, visits to the fish-processing plant and fish/mussel farm.