Amare-Med 2017

AMARE-MED 2017 - Advanced school on Multispecies Modelling Approaches for Ecosystem Based Marine
Resource Management in the Mediterranean Sea 

GADGET (Globally applicable Area Disaggregated General Ecosystem Toolbox), by V. BARTOLINO (Swedish Univ. of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden)
MICE (Models of Intermediate Complexity for Ecosystem assessments), by Andrè PUNT (SAFS, Univ. of Washington, USA)
The advanced school was successfully held in the premises of CNR-IAMC at Torretta di Capogranitola (Trapani, Italy) from Sunday 30 July 2017 to Saturday 5th August 2017. The 24 selected applicants participating to AMARE-MED were from 12 different countries (Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Malta, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, UK, Germany, and Hungary) actively participating to the lectures, exercises, programming and discussions.
The lectures of Valerio Bartolino (SLU) allowed gaining detailed information on GADGET files and parametrization, as well as likelihood and model optimization. A multispecies GADGET example for Baltic Sea was presented and run by students through R gadget. The lectures of Andrè Punt (UOW) provided introductory aspects on modelling and MICE, including likelihood optimization and model selection, theory on models for fisheries management, and application of the MICE Adriatic case study that resulted in a series of modelling exercises on sardine, anchovy and hake in the Adriatic Sea using opportunely developed R codes.
The lectures and programming activities gave a basis for a comparative discussion on the two approaches, their insights, differences, limitations and data needed.

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