Amare-Med 2018

AMARE-MED 2018 - Advanced school on Multispecies Modelling Approaches for Ecosystem Based Marine
Resource Management in the Mediterranean Sea

AMARE-MED 2018 is intended for scientists working in the field of fishery ecology in research institutes, NGOs and Universities, as well as for policy-makers and stakeholders (e.g. from regional fisheries management organizations and advisory councils) representing the fisheries sector or involved in fisheries management and stock assessment. The course is highly technical with practical hands-on computer activities, assignments and programming. Maximum number of participants: 30
A. Punt

The 2nd edition of AMARE-MED will include in-depth applications of Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) using different approaches:
single species age-structured model
two species age-structured model with technical interaction
multispecies model with RPATH (Ecopath with Ecosim in R)

Topics covered for the methodologies will include data requirements, how to deal with data deficiencies, practical application and how these models can provide practical scientific advice to policy and management.

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